Old Solar / New Solar

Has the material used on the Solar changed in the last few years? (I seem to remember reading this somewhere). I found a used Solar for sale, but wondered if it was made from older materials compared to a new model.

The newer Solars use two kinds of material, LitePack on the interior and seat, and Nitrylon on the outer hull. The older Solars were all Nitrylon.

The advantages of LitePack are weight savings -- the LitePack Solar is less than 20 pounds, a smaller folded size, and a better feel on bare skin. The newer Solar also has better back support in its seat. The advantages of Nitrylon are faster drying of the wet material, ease of keeping clean, and better durability.

You can identify the LitePack Solars by their two-tone color scheme, red with a gray interior.

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