Concern about sitting in water

I am considering the purchase of a Helios 1. However, it appears you sit in the very bottom of the kayak? If so, I'm assuming it will be wet, which is not my idea of fun! Is there a manufacturer that provides an acceptable seat pad (one that does not absorb water, slide around, or is overly thick to upset the balance)?

Thanks for the question. Actually we recommend sitting on a pad to adjust the ergonomics, not so much to stay dry. That is, if a paddler has a short sitting height, it might be more comfortable for them to be a little higher in the kayak to get an efficient paddling angle.

Without the pad you are correct in saying that you sit on the floor of the kayak. I find that you don't sit in a puddle since the edges of the floor are below the top of the floor, and these crevices act as bilges for water in the boat. That said, I recommend wearing paddling dry pants or neoprene farmer johns when paddling in these cold waters -- paddle drips get blown onto your legs in a moderate wind. In an inflatable kayak, as in a sit-on-top, you should dress your lower torso first. (In a kayak with a cockpit rim and sprayskirt you would dress your upper torso first).

So my first priority in spending to stay dry and warm would be paddling dry pants. If you are interested in a seat, you might check out those made by Crazy Creek. These would get you higher and provide some more rigid back support.

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