What is the proper inflation?

All models take 3 psi, with a couple of exceptions. The K1, K2, Orinoco, and Seaker models have high-performance side chambers that should be inflated to 3.7 psi. The decks of the Helios and Vagabond should be soft, since they are always exposed to the sun and you need to allow for some expansion of the heated air.

We offer a K-Pump KwikCheck Gauge to check the correct pressure when inflating the chambers.

If you do not have a gauge, the Bravo 1 foot pump can reliably be used without danger of overinflating the chamber. After you have firmly inflated the chamber so that stepping on the foot pump no longer pushes air into the chamber, reach down and squeeze the chamber with your hand, registering in your mind what it feels like. Your hand can detect about a 10% change in pressure, and you will be able to tell if the pressure increases, say by the boat heating in the sun. Be prepared to release excess air if the chamber starts feeling drum-tight.

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